We Are One tamara 14 November 2015

We Are One

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In these times the most important thing is to keep our ranks closed. We as a people of Europe have invested too much in the wellbeing of our continent in order to let this be jeopardized by a small group of religious brainwashed fundamentalists. I am sure that the religious fanatics don’t know how strong and resilient Europe has become after decades of mindless butchering on countless battlefields.

I’m sure that this small group of individuals don’t realize that in the previous century only we as a continent spent 100 million lives in order to become the best yet the world has to offer in democratic discourse, freedom and justice. My advice would be; “Try harder”, as we really know what it means as a people to die for a dream.

I’m sure that we will overcome as a people and we will have a strong and united answer to (religious) fascists that are trying to stand in the way between us and our dream.

I’m sure we will emerge stronger and more determined.

Vive La France, Vive La Europe and Liberté, égalité, fraternité the European way.

My thoughts are with you my French brothers and sisters.
Written by: Ramon H. Lookman